Sunday, August 2, 2009


we had been to nashville before. and it was not pretty. nashville is a tough town to play in if you are nobody. and how many people in nashville are somebody, really now. 

there is another nashville, just outside of downtown off Dickerson...

   come let us explore the  Food Not Bombs house of Nashville, where all the nice people hide.

we would see these later...

we would play here later...

see that pink loft? we would sleep there later

if pictures could only convey the smells, (recognize our ruby friends? this would be pizza... later)

kitty in a box! kitty in a box!



i would just like to note that these are mounted on the ceiling of the bathroom, i took the picture without realizing i would be including myself. but now i can't help but to post it.

if you look closely, the accordion is the exact same one as we used to use in Bobe Street.

Chicken Little (click this too) 

It was an awesome time. The best show to this point. the best turnout, the best response, the best dinner provided to us. it was just awesome... oh... i didn't get a picture of it...
 but the


What is Gaucho Lemonade? I wonderful, beautiful concoction of Yerba Mate, lemon, and just a hint of a crapton of whiskey. 



Its hydrating, its refreshing, it's full of antioxidants... and caffeine. It was served ice cold, its a strange alluring color of moss green, it smells wonderful, it tastes even better. Its kicks the crap out of long island ice tea anyday, it gives you a smooth whiskey buzz, but gradually with the alcohol content of beer. you do have to watch yourself, but man, it is so good. 
And there were 2 gigantic pots full of it. 
thank you Dave.

and for the record... i had to create a wikipedia account to create the hyper link for gaucho lemonade. I hope it stays up there... i think its legit. what do you think? ooo! maybe if you add something to it/edit my post, it will have internet street cred.

Here are some selected pieces of art hanging around the house.

and my favorite

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  1. It's good to see that your travels are going well! I've never been to Nashville, but I've been to Memphis, and man, it fucking rules.

    Gaucho Lemonade sounds incredible.
    I think I'll try some soon!