Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spider+Octopus, now with more Boom!

i'm behind on the blogging, but seriously, i have nothing to blog about these few days, nothing interesting anyways... nothing to you! 

whats interesting about me sleeping till 1, watching chad on his computer 6 hours a day, 
drinking coffee, doing laundry, watching simpsons tapes, (my family's legacy of taping the simpsons for over a decade). We have over 50 tapes, most of them are in terrible condition, but you get used to the fuzzies. 

this one's kinda action packed

this is my sewing room:

I have been working on some projects of fabric and string, but lets get back to our story of Nashville shall we?

We woke up from the loft and came down to the sunshine. Set out again. See, most places, most every place, we wake up and say the same thing: "lets get the fuck out of here"
its not that we dont like  the places we are, we just... we just... we just have to go. we have to. there's another city to see and we have spent more than 12 hours in this one. lets go go go!
 so we went:

Into Nashville to find a thing, a wondrous thing on our way out to Johnson City.

thats not it, but still cool:

this isn't it either, but, good to know

here we are!

the symbol room! so symbolic!

the snare room! ensnaring!

but this... this is what we came for!

it revolutionizes our set. observe:


Spider+Octopus, now with more Boom!  oh man thats, good, that's totally going in the subject line now, way better than, "the next day"

Johnson City was an awesome show too, I had some pictures... but they don't flatter me so you can forget it. fat! fat! fat!  (not fat) but need to cut down on sugar!
thats another thing we're doing here... not eating sugar, or trying to. the only candy my mom has in the house are these calcium supplements that taste like caramels. they're pretty good. but i feel bad for eating her expensive vitamins when i need a fix. gotta cut down. so i started using all the weird sugar substitutes, not equal or sweet and low or ever splenda, no my mom's way past that... stevia, sun crystals, weird... things I've never heard of. They're pretty good in coffee, but they DON'T satisfy a sugar craving, just the sensation of sweet isn't good enough! my body craves REAL SUGAR! when i get super desperate, i go for Yopait yogurt, in many of the dessert varieties. 



this plug is brought to you by general mills... "General Mills, eat stuff we make!"

Alright, that was a tangent, back to the stuff:

I have been sewing, we need a new poster for the Spider+Octopus September tour, i want something funny. Something easy, super cheesy, something very 'elementary school play'

So i did this!


good god i'm so excited. today i have to go out and find stuffing for the other 6 arms i plan on attaching to the hoody. Then I have to make Chad's spider suit. oh man. I am very inspired by my friends in Athens, friends I've never met, but are relentless artist and bloggers, please check um out and give them support!  Rancho Cocoa  Its a super fun blog to follow.

Tentacle Girl out!

(ssssssssso my default picture forever)

Stay Tuned! Tomorrow will host pictures from the Space and Rocket Center!

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  1. oh my god, you are the cutest thing!

    And, my boyfriend would have an orgasm in that drum room, I should take him there someday..