Monday, August 10, 2009

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil


had the most beautiful, functional, municipal park in the south. We ate dinner under some trees. All of this cooking has inspired a zine about resourcefulness on the road. More about that later. 

we played at a place called the wormhole, kitties met us at the door. I love collecting pictures of cats. Especially after I learned that a couple of our friends cats have recently passed on, i have pictures of them too. (Somewhere in Kitty heaven Bruce from House pride is having his tummy pet... Charlie the kitty however went to dog heaven to terrorize mutts)



el Fuego and Flamingo from Philadelphia (and their manager)

we didn't really know what to expect from this band. when they rolled up they were all different styles... but you can't judge people based on their appearance of course. its so easy  to do though! they were all pretty hip, little younger than us. The drummer was a veteran of the road that had traveled with a punk band called the Ghouls. He was the most honest of them all, i liked him a bunch. i had to take this picture of him in the morning much to his protest. 

(the humidity makes his hair all wavy)  

They didn't seem like they were all that tight and together setting up the drum set (2 drummers to one drum set for 2 bands... it takes a village) 

plugging in to a live cable didn't make the sound guy too happy...

so... what was this band all about anyways...

1 2 3...


straight up fucking Rock.

they were amazing. they were so tight. they had the moves, they had the shred, they had the skillz. the songs were catchy. they were so entertaining.

They even took us home, well, to someone's home. someone named Mr. Howard that we never actually met. But he had air conditioning and we were safe in Savannah. 

here was the resident pet... there's always a pet in the house


Anyways, check out El Fuego, they are amazing people. The bass players' name is Will Wrighteous! (sigh... bass players are always the cutest)

 When we go to Philly I hope to god we can open for them again. 
When we went and had a couple beers with them we managed to weasel it out that they were the original pilot class for the School of Rock. It made perfect sense, they had the discipline of band kids... but they were so rock.

now onwards to St. Simon

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