Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mobile Bridge

The next time you go to mobile, over the bridge, when you're at this point... the city on the horizon... tune your radio to 540 am... and just wait ... for the tunnel.

we always record it on the 4 track.
(that should be showing up on Chad's next album)

We are in New Orleans this morning, played at the Dragon's Den last night.

New Orleans..

we've met before, seen each other around.

Chad and i have decided to move here for a month next year... in the fall, maybe November when it turns cooler. We wanted to document the streets this October, but it just didn't work out this year. We have to keep traveling for now. We have decided to move to so many places, Athens, Tallahassee, now New Orleans. Just for a month, to ride bikes and move through all the smells. Share in the darkness, the drunkenness, and sorrow. The moldy crumbling remains from the storm and of course the music and magic (and people) that brought the city back.

We walked all around looking for graffiti, pictures tomorrow.

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