Sunday, August 16, 2009

my first Zine!!!

Its called

We thought it up on our way to Hattiesburg, while we meandered the western parts of 98. I have been brainstorming another zine I want to put out about recipes we make on the road with our cookstove, like a guide to resourceful traveling to give to the largest community we are a part of... traveling, poor artists. We all seem to have this bug that bites us at an early age and drives us to travel to far off places. To do that on a musicians/artist budget, you have to be smart, so I wanted to put out a zine about that.

So when we saw a bait shop we started to joke about making Minnows and Rice for supper. It all descended into madness from there... hilarious madness that make me happy the whole night, just smiling. You know those jokes that are so stupid they make you laugh over and over hours later while you are sitting in a public... like school, or work.

I started right away on "Minnows and Rice"

It has all kinds of wonderful recipes for minnows and rice.

And secret perfected techniques for preparing the sweet delicacy:

Exclusive interviews with some of the top names and execs in the minnow industry.

Advertisements for the latest and greatest products on the market, all the must haves for the minnow enthusiasts:

and really cute pictures of Chad with his hair-doo.

about the author:

I know these pictures are shitty, i dont have a scanner that i carry around with me. lord knows i wish i did. I had so much fun today making it. It has been a long time (relative to my head space time) since I could throw myself into an art project. Being away from my sewing machine, and constantly on tour where it's hard to find some place/time to write songs. This has been amazing. Lately I have been really down about productivity, as in, beating myself up for not accomplishing art and jumping on all the ideas that i have for promoting spider+Octopus and making our show better. I feel great now. It may be just a stupid zine, but live for this stuff.

you know, my parents have always said that my "fortune" was not to be found making music... but drawing stick figures.

thanks guys. :-)

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  1. Your zine looks good! I would like to see it sometime. Send me a message - missyk @