Thursday, November 28, 2013

and then there was this girl...

So I did this thing, the magic love thing, I followed my heart and my dreams and toured the country in a big stinky wonderful van... that much you know. my hair was blue and shit was real!

summary epilogue (see above)
then i decided it might be time for Renee to have a big girl job. 
i chose teaching
not only did i choose teaching, I chose to apply to Teach For America.

then i did this crazy teaching thing and have been doing it and am still doing it until May 23rd 2014

it has been an amazing life changing experience blah blah blah
the perspective i have gained is insane... not the right blog for it tho...

then there was this girl... named Jen.

and she plays banjo
and she sings real pretty

and we started doing these things together

and now as I round the corner of my 2 year commitment, the wheels have started turning... no... not the wheels on the bus... the wheels on the van. which i still drive everyday 80 minutes total in commute to teach 3rd grade in St. Joseph Louisiana.

the wheels on the van go round and round and always veer to music

it started like this last time. i look back... the dream of the van.

tentative plan.... but so dog gone serious as to sign into my blog and repost... but isn't it life affirming when a blogger comes home?

Jen and I will tour the southeast July 2014.

New Renee Arozqueta album has been recorded, and is set to be released Fall of 2014... when I set off again on a solo tour... maybe not of the epic and credit card draining proportions of 2011... but that has already set precedent... so we never have to speak of it again if you wish.

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