Saturday, August 22, 2009

Documented fights with chad

Chad vs. Renee Fight #2

"lets just explore..." (sheer disappointment face)

"explore what?-" " over here!"

"oh wow look its a tennis court, I've never seen one of these before"

"come on!"
"you know what's really special about this - "

(indistinct fed-up response)
" you know what's really special about this tennis court?.... its wild... its a wild tennis court in the middle of this wild wood-hey...."

" i don't know whats so hard about taking a pictures"

"fine i will"

"I'll go up on the curb and you can take a good curby picture"

"alright i'll take a picture of the stupid bridge for your stupid collection"

"... (long silence)... that hurts"

"I'll show you what hurts bad"

(then he realized i was setting him up...)

Pictures of New Orleans, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma soon!
We are at Kirby's beer store about to load in!

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