Monday, August 17, 2009

Home and gone again

We came to Pensacola, and it is home. To chad because he lived here and grew up here, for me because this was the place that i first lived on my own, the only place i've lived on my own. And it was a great 5 years, but that's a whole other blog.

On the way we played in Panama city at this brand new record store called TEk records, it's owned by this really awesome young guy. More details on this later:

for now just check it out!
this venue gets an A in my book.

We played with a hand selected cast... 2 of my favorite artists from the Panhandle:

Cody Copeland (not a mac spokesmodel, but i love this picture)

And Taylor... my friend from way back in the first years of living in Pensacola.
His project name is Exploding into Sleep

yea... thats taylor alright... which I'm proud to say is the latest artist to get signed to my record label... ZombiesandLizards (which is just starting up...) and was established so i could help out my favorite musicians/friends with putting out their records and booking tours. I dont have money to offer these artist... but i have experience... and a high speed duplicator... so... its pretty cool

While we were home we played at the end of Palafox on the Pier:

We played a "last" bobe street show too... i mean it this time. From now on, all Bobe Street shows will be reunions.

but this is what home looks like:

(no not starbucks... thats Melody!)

Davy Hooligan!

Freddy Fudd Pucker! this guy was amazing... from New Zealand

And what night is complete in Pensacola with out the dick.... Sir Richards that is, how did this darkest of dark bar become our bar. Its not hard to feel at home here.
Thanks guys, all my p-cola friends.

(this really happened... i had to hit the bullseye 8 times to win... bam)

Here are some portraits:

now we're off to New Orleans... i wonder what we'll find there... or what will find us.

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