Thursday, August 6, 2009

chad and renee switch places in preparation for departure

(wallet for vincent inspired by Huntsville rocketcenter... but first a message from our observational team)

evidence to suggest that chad and renee have switched body/minds:

1. chad leaves clothes all over the place
2. renee picked them up!?

3. chad eats 2 bowls of sugary cereal, specifically peanut butter captain crunch...
4. renee, also eats 2 bowls... smaller bowls!

5. renee makes bed
6. and subscribes to a literary poetry blog!?

7. chad annoys renee when she is trying to accomplish something
8. chad easily distracted when trying to accomplish very important music related tasks

its time to go, today... its time to go ... 

T-minus 4 hours to departure.

and about time too, chad and i have been just running around the house feeling trapped

all systems go:

oil changed:


trajectory plotted:

moon rock:

on to answer the big questions of the universe:

to the moon!

(that's a fish hat... how nasa really funds the space station.... funny hats)

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