Saturday, August 8, 2009

quick update: St Simon Island

we are on day #3 of tour.

 from asheville to savannah to st simon island.

 on day 3 everything is just slightly farther away in your vision. so tired. need a good night sleep. last night we stayed somewhere really random and weird. the other band took us home, but they live in philly, they took us to someone else's home. not sure who, never met them. we slept on the floor our on the porch where there was an ac unit. pretty nice. just a little hard. there was a shower in the morning though. and coffee (we bring a percolator everywhere) we have arrived in st simon island, back in rich people land. savannah isn't ... it has a high concentration of crack heads and flowers. magic and southern hospitality and old buildings and crack heads. 

so... back in rich people land. a beach town it is august and we are hiding in a coffee shop on a bid squishy couch. we're playing in...  4 1/2 hours? i think i'm just going to sleep here for a bit. 

i'm working on a zine!  A how too guide, a documentation of meals we've made on the road. its going to be awesome

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