Tuesday, July 28, 2009


In Lexington we found art:

a side by side project in a free gallery downtown, a prominent lexington artist pairs up with a local young aspiring artist for and 8 week class. Kids learn lots about art, but more importantly, about themselves. Both artist, young and experience have a piece displayed at this particular gallery, along with a piece they did together. It was pretty awesome. 

this one is called "arky"

up on the wall, beneath that weird hole thing there is a pencil scribble that says,

 "Arky can't save us"

on the blue handle pointing towards you there is a metal label, "arky"

and it can't save us

this was chad's favorite... i think because each horse was most obviously a stallion.
(from behind)

this one was my favorite

then we took to the streets.

oh yea, and we played a show too

it was pretty good.

on the way home there was some spectacular lightning. we had a really good argument about the possiblity... probability of photographing lightning...

take that chad

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  1. lightning is extraordinarily difficult to capture and often requires a high speed camera going through a whole roll of film in order to capture on an slr.

    on digital it's a bit easier because you can just set it up to snap the pictures for a given amount of time or until the camera runs out of memory.

    i like it though.

    and i like your favorite too.