Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chad rides a Whale

St Simon Island
What to say about st. Simon Island. After days of percolated coffee and boiled eggs, (resourceful, delicious, homemade) we were treated to dinner at this fancy-pancy coffee/wine/bougie cafe. Burgers, Spinach salad with Seared Tuna Steak, spanicopita, lattes... we went nuts. the food was an amazing treat. we played, alright. it wasn't a place where people go to hear music. They came to drink $7 glasses of wine. we merely provided a water-colored background of sound for them. People in St Simon are either a) rich enough to live there or b) on vacation and expecting vacation thrills. So, they ignored us. no big deal, we got fed, and we got paid... aaand we got to pretend we were on vacation for a few hours walking around paradise. 

Penny Collection!
(inspired by Rancho Cocoa)

oh look honey! local color!

In closing... I am starting a new collection to join other such collections as:

public bathroom
people's pets
Chad pointing to the sky

and now...

Gas Stations across the Nation!


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