Thursday, November 19, 2009


It sure feels like a long trip, I had forgotten just how long. To think... we started in Greensboro, then to Charlotte, (where we had our only successful couch surfing this tour).

I lost hope in Savannah, in front of a closed sandwich shop, it was only day 4. But we continued onward... (to another sub shop). That was the night I accidentally ate 2 philly cheeksteaks in a row... one for lunch and one for dinner. As a result... I thought I was dying the next morning in Jacksonville.

In Jacksonville we played in a warehouse space on the outskirts of town in the industrial district under a bridge... with another 11 bands. I will remember that sunset even with out a camera.

There was nothing spectacular about central and south florida. A string of poorly attended shows in towns we have played over and over and over. Even in my home town, it is impossible to get people out and buy cds. But I did see my family and closest friends, and that made it worth it.

We were stranded in Tampa after the show, (a friend fell through). We traveled onward to Punta Gorda where another close friend lives. But, as we found out upon arrival at 3am... with is parents in a huge pristine mansion. So we waited until 5 am to check into a hotel were a swamp buggy convention was meeting. We would spend all of Halloween laying in bed watching lame tv show after lame tv show, including but not limited to, "I didn't know I was pregnant"

We went as far south as Naples and Ft Lauderdale. It was wonderfully warm in the everglades as we hiked kneed deep in swamp sludge with alligators and long legged birds. We met a friend's baby and went for a sunset cruise. The world was alright then. Beer in one hand, food in the other, darkness closing all around to meet with the water.

We spend way too many days in Orlando. I saw a boyfriend I had in 10th grade, and another from 7th grade, and they both worked for my brother.

Then we went home... Pensacola. We spent many days there too. Just being who we were. I spent most nights in my old apartment with my best friend watching movies and just generally giggling.
We cant get away from Pensacola, but thats alright Geronimo, We can't stay either. We just kept coming back, after Mobile, after New Orleans. And we are here now having found out our gig in Birmingham has been cancelled. Really glad we didn't drive there for camping in the cold.

I lost hope again in New Orleans. Woke up... just kinda... sick. Found out that one of my friends is gone to china forever and ever. But I knew that in the back of my mind sorta. The sick faded away as Chad and I walked around the Audubon park. It was just too beautiful to be sick. All the huge live oak trees, the birds, the fat squirrels, the dead squirrels.

Then we continued our search of Banksy stencils. And found them, 3 of them, they were beautiful. New Orleans is the best city to be sick in. It makes you feel better as we just keep moving toward and away from death and the ocean.

We saw a car erupt into flames on canal street. the flames had only a few seconds to reach the treetops before the authorities arrived.

We played in Pascagoula last night, played darts. Found old cripple lilies posters covered in crude graffiti. Left town and drove all the way back to Pensacola. (another couch surfing fell through, this time my fault). Now we are basking in a day off. What will be do? Reflect i suppose.

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Camera!! Finally!

Ever since that fateful day when chad dropped the last camera into the river... and we watched a pearl necklace of bubbles rise to the surface from its unblinking eye... we have been without photographic documentation... and this has been very bad for blogs

But... as of today we are back on track. We found a decent digital we could afford in the newspaper christmas sale adds. woo! It's pretty good... here are our test pictures

added some to my collection today... very exciting to have a whole pallet of colors.

Here are some pins I carry around with me from an elementary school reading program in north georgia called "Book It!" If you read enough in one month, you could go to Pizza Hut and they would not only give you a sticker to add to your pin (stars for one year, candle flames for another), they would also reward you with a personal pan pizza... we were all literate little children with weight problems... and we still are

Here's the face wash i use religiously... it's awesome.

Here's the toothpaste we use... it's alright, not great.

what's with the date?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

long time

since ... things happened.

we've been lots of places. i suppose there were stories. i just dont remember them. they're all kind of a blur of dark loud smoky places... dont get me wrong. i dig those places... but I also work in them.

This is exactly why I am purchasing a camera tomorrow.

some exciting things are happening.

we are in pensacola, it somewhat strange. people we love, no where to be home, and nothing is ideal.

We recorded Chris's album last night before the mobile show. the record label is just about ready to deserve a myspace...

but better than that... I'd like to do better than that for the label...

another blog.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

i know i know!

i haven't posted in 6 thousand years...

but, like i said... the camera fell in the river

so i have no motivation since i can't show you things.

its been a wonderful tour thusfar... but really really hard too.

money has gone straight to t-shirts, cd's, sleeves, posters, postage, gas, food, beer... and soon, a new camera.

these are the only things I really need anyhow.

been making flyers like whoa