Tuesday, July 7, 2009

1 2 3 go

Day 1: Chad turns into a Zombie

We had big plans... big big plans. 
  1. Get up early!     (never... EVER happens with us... so why i thought today would be different...
  2. Coffee  ....   success!
  3. Deal with every piece of crap we've accumulated in the last 5 + years in Pensacola
  4. Visit Ponce de Leon Springs  (raining... hard)
  5. Tallahassee!

So...   we are currently on step 3... or about to be on step 3. Since the rain is canceling our cookout halfway on the trip we have a few more hours, but we were supposed to leave... um, now!   Thanks to everybody who came to the last Show on July 1st, took our crap way the 19th and 20th, came to toast us farewell at the Dick last night.  We hope to update as the days go by, you can check out Chad's blog too!   

I love you! I'll miss you! I go now!!!!

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