Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Perry Georgia

my dinner is soaking in a styrofoam cup of mildly hot water

i am slightly sunburned

we left tallahassee at noon, it is now 10 in the evening. we have traveled at total of 166 miles

and believe me, we used every minute trying to get to Athens, which is still a hundred miles up the road

left my phone in tallahassee, so when the jeep overheated in the south georgia, in a town called Moultrie... we had some issues

we wanted to get to athens so badly

we were determined. we struggled with antifreeze and the radiator for hours. made it a couple more miles, car overheated, let it cool, opened the expansion tank. watched it bubble.

at one point we were sitting in a high school parking lot just baking in the sun. luckily, all the ice had melted in the cooler... but just. "care for another cold one chad?"
it was a fun spot in the day
when the kids got out of summer school i wonder what they made of two strangers with sopping wet t-shirts on their heads in their parking lot. 

we made it to a gas station. and used a... get this... a PAY PHONE to call triple A. Did you know its a dollar to make a call these days? i remember when it was 35 cents. But with cell phones i guess the pay phone company had to hike the price just to pay for overhead... whatever that is for payphones. 

the tow truck took us 100 miles... (so you see, we really only got 66 miles from Tallahassee in 6 hours) 

got a hotel in Perry Georgia

can't call the club

can't call the girl who worked so hard to set up the show

but at least my noodles are now soggy

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