Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Perry Georgia... illustrated

I would like someone in the hotel business to define the terms:

and most importantly ...

in reference to breakfast, help me out websters:

Continental:   (1) being a cuisine derived from the classic dishes of Europe and especially France... 
translation:  this may include french toast... or a waffle

(2)  of or relating to the colonies later forming the United States
translation:  cold grains

Deluxe notably luxurious, elegant, or expensive
tranlation:  no translation, there was nothing "deluxe" about our breakfast, unless making your own waffle is deluxe, watered down apple juice, raisin bran, folders coffee, we drove 20 miles to get to a starbucks, god we are spoiled rich-ass city folk.  here's a before and after picture of coffee

The room was cheap-ish. The breakfast, totally disappointment, nothing continental or deluxe or even really hot about it, but it was free. Just be aware that hotels that advertise a morning meal with these adjectives are just trying to get you out of bed between 6:30 and 9:30. If they really wanted us to get out of bed and check out they would have provided some decent coffee.. you know bean water you can't see the bottom of the styrofoam cup through. geeze

thank, i feel much better. you dont have to tell me I'm bratty and bougie, i know. but really, we all are. 
Here are some pictures of Perry Georgia. Displayed in an artistic fashion. That is to say, these pictures are terrible. But they convey what they're supposed to.


What is your obsession with SUBWAY!!?

this was the coolest thing in town

the founders of the New Perry Hotel

both lived from 1944-1994
double suicide?  i kid i kid

shoulda stayed there

Anyways, here's some pictures from yesterday, note the neck on the tow truck driver.
jesus i'm stereotypical. 

watermelon farmers got it rough, seriously. i feel for these guys.

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