Monday, July 20, 2009

the wedding and catching up

hi again

i took a few days off to go to new york for my first friend's wedding. that is to say, she is the first of my friends to multiply and wed. it was pretty awesome to meet the larva. a baby can bring so much love into a family. its nuts.

northerners are sta-range.   oh... sorry chad.... yanks. 
i dont get it.
which brings me to the inescapable conclusion...

i'm a southerner.

i dont feel like a southerner...
but i am delighted when a gas station has cajun boiled peanuts. 

(chad's a real southerner... sanks as we call them)  and by we, i mean the people that belong nowhere and have no accent. 

i suppose south/central florida is culturaless enough for the likes of me... 
not culture-less...
the culture that is the lack, and not because of lack of input. but the canceling out of so much input that the overall effect is homogeneity... punctuated by latinos... and i guess thats where i fit. 
in a taqueria in a strip mall 
in a strip of strip malls
 off an exit of a highway that runs from Daytona Speedway to Ybor City.

We played our second radio show today. 
WDVX, the blue plate special.
it was awesome!!
nice to be welcomed to Knoxville... out new home. we made some friends 

As you may or may not know we played our first radio show in Tallahassee on the 13th... the day before the streak of disasters. here are some pictures from that radio show, since i did put them up before:

the studio is on the campus.

it is a maze of 4 hallways, (not much of a maze in hindsight, but the amount of posters and artwork and defacing artwork on posters is overwhelming)

i found my 2 favorites of course

this is a hand written discography... with color coded singles, splits, eps, tapes, and lps.

this studio is awesome!

this sound guy is awesome!!

this guy named Manly that hosted the show... also awesome

Shakira's cat...


i guess chad is pretty cool too

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