Sunday, July 26, 2009


no, i dont have permission to post these pictures... but, no one reads my blog that will tell Jason... plus... they're too good to keep to myself.

These were hanging at the Greenbean, we played in Greensboro on the 21st with our friends Our Horse Jethro.

As the sun went down, a new bass player came out of nowhere and set up amazing sound... look at this huge stage! 

This is Emily, I'm kind of obsessed with Emily. not in that way... but if I wrote a book, she'd definitely be in it just as she is.

look at the shoes she was wearing.  not so crazy i guess. she has a collection of a million head scarves. she has most interesting voice. she plays so many instruments with so many strings. The whole band is amazing. I just happened to have bonded with Emily more. a girl thing i guess. 

these girls were great too, they were working the coffee side of the Greenbean while we worked the music side... they were also really pretty.  and just as nice to. I love when people are like that.

ghosts set up our merch

After show open mic night at the FlatIron

sepia tone!

this pictures says so much. first of all, this is Kymber, Chad's friend from Pensacola, and now, my friend Kymber from Greensboro. That guy in the back, thats ben. ben just got signed. bed bought my spot at open mic night for 2 vodka sodas... with lime....  ben.

Matty Sheets!!  One of those myspace personalities that you're 'friends' with, but doesn't actually respond to you ... because you're just someone on myspace trying to get a show somewhere... but then you see these people... and you try real hard not so say, "Matty Sheets! I know you from myspace! whoa! now we can really be friends!"
I managed not to say it...  and now we're REALLY friends....  right matty?

(morning after)

We left for Asheville... 

and then we saw it...

it was beautiful....

it was so simple... 

4 kinds of vinegar...

so.. yellow, and greasy, and wonderful...

it had everything...

and lots of it.

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