Monday, July 13, 2009

Orlando Orlando Orlando


we have been here for 3 days, which is more days than i suppose anyone in our occupation should stay somewhere unless something MEDICAL is going on....   its not. tensions are high, gas is...  relative to tensions, time to go. But we did have a good time here, I always love seeing my brother and some friends from the old neighborhood.

Tommy! my scarecrow... (who i miss most of all)

We infiltrated the spings neighborhood, the gated community with it's own private natural spring, the most ideal place of swimming.. but we weren't the only one's with this brilliantly refreshing plan on a 98degree saturday. 

See, the only way to get into the springs is to have someone on the inside to call you in... and only the craziest most fucked up kids live in the springs.. not our friend of course...  

anyways, once you are 'in', you just... blend in, with all the crazy spring people. You need a key card to get into the bathrooms and sauna, even on the inside there is security to keep the non-springy's out. So you have to follow someone into the showers... yea, i know. weird. But i had to get all that algae off... it was a little much even for me. All up in my grill, no good. I managed to get the greenies off... i also managed to leave my shoes in the shower room...  well preserved and protected behind the locked doors... shit... these are literally the only shoes i have with me. i needed them back... but who would lend me a keycard?

we set off in all directions, asking practically everybody for help, in the least creepy way possible. But... nobody had a keycard (that they would lend)... actually almost none of the people at the springs that day were residents of the springs. we were all impostors. Luckily, one girl I went to high school with lent me the card... phewph! thank Andora

Here is an artist rendering of Andora

A good time was had by all... especially ralphy... that made out with a bunch of carrots and chips from our picky-nick.

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