Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Warcraft... its all orc takes wizard to me

come on... you know you remember Warcraft. i know i do, hours of fun cheating my way to the top. If you didn't play warcraft as a little nerd, lemme break down the highlights for this blog analogy... blogalogy...

When you start out as little men or little orcs... your map is completely black except for this tiny area that you've set up shop... little farms... little castles...  little dragon stables and catapults.

But the whole entire world is let to be explored... (and destroyed)

Well, I've set up my farms and dragon stables and magician's lair...  and the whole world is black in my cognitive map... unexplored, unknown... i want to see orcs and fjords and seattle.

Its time to go... getting edgy and I've been aggravated. I suppose if I wasn't already planning to go and preparing all this time these emotions/compulsions would have found another outlet... we can only wonder what.

Anyways, I saw a band last night that blew my mind away... and once all my little jello pieces of brains were all over the Handlebar they started dreaming. About all the art projects that are to be done and places to go. And in 4 years time I will have gone so far... emotionally, geographically. I am starting over. Chad and I finally started practicing, putting our individual songs together. Whatever kind of street cred I had as a musician is only in the realm of "singersongwriter." The easiest place to slip in to sweet sweet egomaniacal validation. We have to make new sounds if we are to grow an illuminate the dark places.

Thank you Mr. Gnome

Example of Mr. Gnome....   youtube.  Night of the Crickets

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