Friday, July 10, 2009

this is Henry

Emily and Chris' Dog in Gainesville, Chad doesn't really like dogs so much as he loves cats, but Henry's different, obviously. How did he put it.... "transcends being a dog." Gainesville is a welcome oasis of comfort inside Emily's home. Outside of her home is nothing but college, so much just.... stuff generated around UF. We alway try to play at Satchel's Pizza, the venue is the back room to the restaurant, its a Junk Museum! Collections of collections presented as very visually pleasing installation pieces. Its an excellent place to have a beer... or a half liter of imported coke (real sugar instead of corn syrup) 
and just zone out looking at all the color and things. Plus, there is free music on Thursdays, we get to be so luck this thursday to be that music. Our set is getting better everyday. 

This is what our T-shirts look like, we're going to need to print more when we get back to Knoxville in different sizes and styles, even though the sleek slim sexy v-neck looks amazing on Chelsea Jo,...  in doesn't fit most people, (physically and stylistically). A lesson in Marketing.

We are off in a few minutes. Tonight we play in Tampa but on the way we really want to swim somewhere, a spring of some sort. 

we miss you

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