Thursday, September 10, 2009

trapped: day 11

made some things
going crazy

i dont know what it is about this place

its pretty

its calm

its relaxing

nothing to do but what we want... getting stuff done like booking

taking lots of time for meals

sleeping 12 hours a night, waking up late late late

taking care of puppies.

we've gone out a couple times with a couple friends... thats all we have is a couple friends. they're awesome people. tonight is family game night with kent

we play scrabble

we started drinking a bit more than usual last week.

chad is recording in the living room

sounds great huh?

we are going crazy.

we want to go so bad
go go go to the north
the north
the north
then to the south

the north
the south

then to the west
the west
to the west

back east for some strange reason
and back again
and back again
back east for some strange reason

and back again.

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