Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day... 123... : day 13... the light

at the end of the tunnel.

chad woke up yesterday different... he woke up chad... laughing... happy... signs of mania, but a welcome change.

we didn't leave the house at all.

at all

we fought over practice, but we were already slightly buzzed and it was already 12:30 at night.

some south park and pop corn set us straight.

we slept for hours and hours, the dogs wake us up when we are having the best dreams. in my case it was one of my favorite kinds... and exploring dream. lately I have been back in high school, roaming the halls. this dream started out as walmart, I was an employee, there was an attack by the employees of another walmart, (i never actually see these employees) but we run anyways, telling each department. as we keep running the walmart turns into high school. we must find somewhere to hide.... they are coming.

we run into this large room, there's nothing in it but graffiti and high ceilings.

in one corner there looks to be a janitor closet/enclosure. We open this door and go inside this (my exploring dreams are just this, opening strange doors to stranger places.) each different and weirder, a maze that never repeats even if you turn back).

Once inside this, we climb through the ceiling and into a dark little room that smells like wood, polished wood.
(at this point I realize I am dreaming and in control .. I want nothing more than for there to be another door).
there is of course another door, a large wooden door with a big wooden handle, we open this to reveal a hidden home in a western style, lots and lots of polished wood and americana fabrics...

the dogs wake me. they are barking at something outside. so i get up and open the door for them. the dreams are always very vivid in the morning hours leading up to 2pm when we finally surface. we lay in bed another hour using the computers. then we make breakfast. we've been up for 3 hours... its 5 o'clock... time to start drinking.

just kidding. we're going on a walk at the quarry/nature center.

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