Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 3: Blacksburg Virginia

The dawn was Grey this morning over Blacksburg Virginia. The students of Virginia Tech took pause while they were getting read for school... should they take the umbrella? Or would today just be a misty morning...

The dawn was Grey this morning over Blacksburg Virginia, the sun had rose... but where too? Particles of energy came into the window, they had traveled a billion miles from their mother the sun, through the thick Grey... whatever it was made of... and trickled into the window across the room from where i was sleeping.

It crept in through the window and slowly over the next several hours it continued its gradual illumination of the living room. The first thing the grey dawn met this morning was the last thing we said goodnight to.

One nightcap appletini was followed by Firefly 'Iced Tea' was followed by 21st birthday bourbon was preceded by a sweet white wine earlier in the evening as a dessert after a meal and a show was followed by final glass of cold white wine that appeared before me as a dessert after a second dinner of the spiciest pasta.... with any luck the fresh peppers would curb the impending hangover that we were all too jovial to forsee.

they look so innocent on the vine...

In Blacksburg Virginia we played a vegetarian restaurant called Gillies. Restaurants either pay very well for background music, or... they pay in food for art that is intended to be appreciated. One or the other it seems, you can't have your cake and eat it too... oooh but you can have tofu and soba noodles and fresh basil over jasmine rice in a subtle peanut thai sauce... and white wine.... of course.

I usually take a picture of food for documentation/presentation purposes... but we were too hungry and it was too good to wait another moment.

We played with another musician that goes by Old Man Kelly. Its always nice to play with people, that way we get to see new music too. Its even nicer when the other musicians are professional. This is the only community Chad and I can really be a part of while on the road. Its just good when you arrive somewhere new and there's someone to greet you that understands. This is our job, we take pride in it. Its tough to play a crappy show when you've driven 1000 miles to get there. Especially when no one recognizes the effort or the art. But not in Blacksburg.

The show was a bit small, we lost most of the dinner crowd. But a few stragglers joined us for the last few songs.

Did I mention that Old Man Kelly had a push button accordion?

It was beautiful, but most things that come from Paris are.

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