Saturday, September 19, 2009

day 4: my new girlfriend;

Lynchburg ,

my dearest, I know we only met yesterday, but I am already convinced that I want to be with you... and as soon as possible.
If its not too bold, I'd like to come as early as January, when snowflakes are falling onto our eyelashes.

Until then, stay sweet.

Love (new sparkly sunshine in the late after noon love)


I suppose I should say girlfriend(s).

We arrived in Lynchburg yesterday afternoon.

A 3 story brick house with a yellow kitchen. 200 years old. Full of women.
Strong, independent, intelligent, articulate and beautiful... every one of them.

(hang overs while unpleasant can lead to the most wondrous naps... a second start to your day... see previous post)

i could not believe where we were.

the White Hart Cafe

We played in an alcove of books. and both found one we needed to take. I've been looking for a copy of "Travels with Charlie" for a while now. So far its wonderful... wonderfully relevant.

this is a very conveying pictures of the song bird, singing and swaying late in the evening after our show. it was a wonderful show, we were exhausted too. so, you can imagine how nice it is to just sit and listen for awhile.. sit and sway and be moved to different parts of you self.... parts tucked away and unattended whilst galavanting the country with your beloved male companion. As romantic and idealic as this is (and truly I'd rather be doing this than anything) there is an almost aching void for female peers. Chad calls it, "just gurling out" and I suppose it is. Women together are so much stronger, but before I launch into an ultra feminist rant... here is Becca.

The 200 year old stairs go up three flights, on the top floor there is a room that has afternoon sunshine to sew beside and inside. Which means the mornings are cool and dim in the shade of the sun rising as it usually does in the east. This room may be opening in December, and I intend to move into it by January, not permanently of course. Chad and I have much of the country and the world to cover. But a break from touring, (and a break from my single male companion to a community of women) sounds so amazing I would brave my fear of the cold to do it.

In the morning I woke earlier enough to see the sun rise on our way to the market. just a small collection of kids selling crap at the community center. Here is Nina our host, the sweetest one... literally too. She is as sweet as her Russian crepes... and brownies, and muffins, and coffee. (she's the colorful one on the left)

she was selling her jewelry. and a couple items from one of the girl's that was moving from the house. (I scored an owl knit shirt... I'm sure it will be in every pictures once we hit the fall)... Quick update before the most amazing pictures that follow... we have not yet hit the fall. I think I expected to by now... but I am informed that Virginia is still the south. Although, I think they would be hard pressed to understand the dialect of some of my Alabama friends.

Now... on to these treasures. The only reason I didn't buy one or all of them is I wasn't sure which were functional. But... had I known, I would have chosen the Kodak Brownie movie camera... maybe I should have gotten it anyway.

I'd like to take this moment to again plug my favorite blog Rancho Cocoa that posts pictures of collections... if you haven't checked them out yet, do so now. And buy a Flossie.

After the market it was nap:30 (snuggle with Steinbeck... what a concept... you know you would... especially if charlie was there too)

We left for Staunton, a smaller but from the looks of it from this window at the tea bazaar a very sophisticated town. We'll save that and the trip over for tomorrow when we say goodbye to my beloved Virginia

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