Thursday, September 3, 2009

home day 4

good lord these dogs are cute.

one is evil and one is good.... but which?

I've got the good one next to me now while the other sits upon her thrown awaiting an opportunity to bark... or steal chad's socks and instigate a tug-o-war to the death... (of the sock)

i took my mom to the airport this morning. driving knoxville is the most impossible city I've ever been to. which is saying something since we have to navigate all kinds of cities.

we got super super lost in the west side of the town. there are lots of zombies here... which we're addressed when we finally reached the show we were heading for. Our friend Madeline Ava was playing. She's my super favorite young uke wielding songwriter. (my other favorite is Helen Keller's Ukulele in Huntsville).


Helen Keller's Ukulele (Rita)


anyways, knoxville recently passed a law so that homeless people cannot sit or lay on the street. no loitering/resting allowed. not in front of the shelter/food bank not anywhere... so they just... shuffle around. defiantly thought zombies were starting to move in on knoxville

we have our first show of the next tour september 15th...we finally got booked somewhere in knoxville for an evening show (we have done a radio show and a house show... both amazing) but now we shalll move on too ... the pilot light. pretty awesome place that feels like sluggos... home.

been super busy making posters and screen printing t-shirts. I wish i had a camera still to show you! (still trying to bid on one ebay... but people with more money keep swooping in at the last second.) bastards.

the posters/t-shirts look amazing..

i could describe them too you... but

these words mean nothing without pictures.



i promise.

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  1. fun times driving in Knoxville - you are in for a treat (the kind that gives you a tummy ach) when you try driving in Boston / JP -- hum yea hit me up when you get into town

    Just looking at you tour dates:
    Blacksburg = Awesomeness, Gillie's has great food, you need to hit up Bolio's (I spent many hours drinking coffee and writing papers there)...

    If you start exploring the VaTech Campus you should go check up the Art and Architecture Libary and poke around Cowgill Hall (some next stuff around the studio spaces)

    ...and I will make it a point to be in JP on 9/24