Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tour day 1: KNOxViLLe

we have called it our home for the past 16 days, and now, i think we can say we are locals. local musicians anyways, it is beneficial to be so, but for nomads, where can you say you are from?

tonight we played the pilot light, a venue we have been trying to get booked at for over a year. its not that is a prestigious club by any means, its like sluggos back home. our price range of beer, dark, musty, (non-profit) and completely run by musicians/artists. (home) but it is difficult to get booked there if you don't know anyone.

and while is sat there, i realized it really was a wonderful place for music. the sound guy was great... great. there was some trouble with a condenser mic... but even the feed-back... was in tune with the song... how do you do that?

people were attentive, they came to see music and drink cheap beer.
if they wanted beer on tap/fancy beer/"good beer", they go next door.
and no one was really talking over the music either, they watched all of it, and if they didn't want to... they just left. which is preferable, lost a bit of a crowd, it wasn't big to begin with, but at least they weren't talking.

we played with:



(our friends from West Knox that sometimes host house shows)

A good time was had by all, my friend Kent came out, and 2 people I gave flyers to randomly came... 2!!! which is a record for flyer recievers. thank you Joel and Brianna (it was Brianna right?) hope so. thank you

Last but not least, I got to try out our new camera we bought off craig's list... god bless that list. We were sporting a wonderful little camera last tour, it was a quick shooter, good a dark lighting, fancy thing I've had since sophmore year when I went to colorado... it was $400 then, it goes for anything from $40 ebay bids... (just couldn't win it) to $250 retail sites. We found this little polaroid digital for $60 off the list... from a college student that wanted to get rid of it. ... it has a 3 more megapix than the last... I was shooting in the stone age apparently... look at these shots!

we made this investment for you blog readers. the dark days of red blurry bar pics are over, the age of yellow still crisp bar pictures is at hand.


we're off!

lets go!

(and by we..., i mean you too... we're going to johnson city tomorrow)

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