Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 6: Philadelphia

After Staunton virginia, we drove into the night to by-pass the D.C. traffic... hardly any traffic at 3 am. We would have made it to Philly in 5 hours had the car not overheated as soon as we got onto the interstate.

It was intense.

Now we have a constant drip of coolant, an anti-freeze trail if you will... all over the united states. sorry nature. i really am. But an 8$ jug of toxic neon green every few days is way less expensive than a new radiator.

my apologies.

we arrived to a futon at 5 am at my friend john's house. John is one of the super best friends/people i've ever met. I was super excited to see him and all his roomates and his girlfriend Nikki.

It was a rough night, and an early morning... like noon or something crazy like that. We were supposed to get up and play a house show down the street at 2, but we'll get to that.

John and Nikki were in the kitchen doing something...

Platters and platters of eggs and bacon and potatoes and toast and nutella and coffee!!

(at this point we'd been hungry for about 2 days)

a much needed day off with our friends to drink beer, play the new Batman video game and barbecue.

Oh! and we saw this guy on a motorized wheel chair with a Maltese in his lap and a green parrot on his shoulder.

Later that evening we roll up to the club


The fire...

This is the sound guy... sound asleep drunk on the sound board. if that gives you an indication of a sunday night at the Fire.

My favorite part of Philly... their cat 'Cowboy'.

who constantly escapes.

Our friends took us to another part of the city for Philly Cheesesteaks... I mean... we had to.

Another Bridge for Chad's collection. This is the Ben Franklin.

With our bellies full of love and our hearts full of burn we headed back to the house. The next day on the schedule was New York, but this house show had fallen through.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my blog today.

As it turns out we were off to New York after all... my long lost sister had called me back and we were on our way to Queens over the George Washington Bridge!

As an addenum... the dripping radiator carried us to New York, and Maine, and Vermont, and Pittsburgh... and Michigan... and Kentucky, and Tennessee, and Georgia... and finally all the way to Sarasota Florida when it finally exploded in the Florida heat, more than 1500 miles from where this blog took place. Take care of your Volvos guys.... especially if you work and live in them.


  1. What year and model is your car?

  2. 1995 volvo sedan 850.

    put some stop leak in the tank yesterday... hope it works out. hi james!