Monday, December 21, 2009

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I recently watched Julie & Julia... a total girl movie (I watched it with my mom). Its a double story line about Julia Child learning to cook and her 8 year journey to publishing her famous book before she began her revolutionary cooking show that changed the way "servantless" american woman cook. While a struggling journalist with a government/cubical job vows to cook her way through the whole Julia Child book in a year... and blog about it.

I was reluctant to watch this TLC movie, but my mother made me, and I actually quite enjoyed it.

I also got my taste for blogging back. I have never stopped reading my favorite blogs, but I have fallen off my blog. Mostly because the last month or so of touring has blurred into an endless stretch of difficult shows, hard floors and cold toes.

But I have something worth blogging about again! And... more time than I can handle. Chad left today for Athens to visit his grandparents and on to Pensacola for the holidays.

Without my 24 hour companion all I have is my sewing machine, my instruments, and the internet... (and my mother, but more on that later I'm sure).

This is my newest creation. I am without my core material interface. I ordered this very pricey material Online almost a month ago and the warehouse has messed up the order 2 times now. I am furious and demanded express shipping at a discount (5 days before christmas but this is my business we're talking about... I only have 30 days to sew!) And I make everything... everything out of this stuff.

Without my precious doublesidedfusableheavyweight interface I have had to make new projects that don't require them. Tote bags for example. Yesterday I made one with a flap. Which is the perfect pattern for macbook sleeves. Good thing too since I have an order for 2 of them.

(back side)
So these new puce green macbooks sleevey things have 1/2 of foam on each side. Velcro closure and of course my signature design of a zombie on the hill having an epiphany (can't get away from this design... but... do what you know right?

I think they will go for $30 (plus shipping).
Please email me to place an order.

see you tomorrow probably. thanks for keeping me company

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