Sunday, December 6, 2009

i remember

i remember... snow. i remember cold. i remember my mom always calling me in before i was ready. always hot chocolate.

i remember the wet when you got in. i remember charlotte that lived next door. we would play forever... if they hadn't called us in

but we were plenty warm running around out there in our snow suits.

plenty warm in 11 degrees.

and i remember snow
snow in your shoes, in your hair, in your eyes in your ears your socks your heart.
but you can never touch snow.
only water that has just recently been snow.
and that might be why we keep scooping it up in our gloved hands and throwing back into the wind. piling it up into mounds.

it will only stick when its just right.

otherwise its just powder to make tracks in. broadcast love notes into the sky upon.

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