Saturday, December 19, 2009

the drive home

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remind me to tell you of terrible battle through the end of 2009: Our last 2 shows were cancelled so we turned the car about face and headed for home... but there was 18 inches of snow, 200 miles and 17 hours between us and our beds. We were literally at a dead stop in the blizzard, the car freezing over for 6 hours. We actually ate a can of sardines to stay alive. Then... our windshield wiper gave out... the ice was too much for it. Now with no visibility... trucks and cars flying off the road every few miles to be lodged in the snowdrifts til morning, all hotel rooms completely booked... and out of gas. We crawled towards knoxville. We had left Blacksburg Virginia at 1pm... and arrived home in Knoxville at 5am. It was... terrifying. But now vacation begins.

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