Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holidays are hard

My Christmas Family is small, almost as small as it can be.
(this is a couple days ago at our new favorite restaurant)

Myself, my mum, and 2 dogs.. one that is evil and one that is good (one is black and one is white... I identify more with one than the other and mum highly favors the opposite).

They're both sugary sweet and snuggly, whiny, bitey, spoiled rotten cuteness of joy. (the good one's breath smells terrible).

anyways, my mom and I made meatloaf, broccoli and cheese and stuff for christmas eve dinner. Something strange happened though, my mom jumped up to ... catch the weather report? was weird.

then we made cookies, our holiday tradition.

mom bought me a bottle of vodka for christmas, other than that we skip the presents. Its sad I know but this is what we have decided. So we dont have to ... buy things for each other. Maybe because we always get it wrong. But isn't it fun to have something wrapped to tear open. She always goes back on her word and wraps something for me, and then I feel guilty because I didn't get her anything. But what the crap do you get your mom? She buys everything she wants the second she wants it. How sad... I'll just have to wait till my birthday.

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