Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Comparative Animal Physiology... cartoons

(na... I'll be fine)

A couple summers ago, my best friend Melody and I were in a biology class together, it was called Comparative Animal Physiology. Everyone getting a biology has to take it, and they usually do so in the summer because its just one of those classes.

Thankfully, the professor that teaches it is very relaxed. A serious professional, and a weird individual as well. Just... kinda... not creepy... he's harmless... but...

"YOU have to take responsibility for learning the material... I can't make you learn biology any more than I can make my wife sleep with me..."


Anyways, it was a long summer, but I had Melody.

This week my mother and I are sorting through everything we have stored in every closet in the house and purging. I am throwing away my notes from comparative animal physiology (a big step for me), but before I did I went through them all to salvage the cartoons. This one in particular...

It may not make sense to you, but this was the one that made me lose it. I was laughing so hard I had to not only leave the room, but apologize after the lecture for causing a disturbance. I showed the professor the cartoon in question because I was in fact paying attention, most of the notes go along with the lecture... they just embellish them.

For instance, one theme of animal evolution is Centralization and Cephalization... meaning, as animals get more advance, their sensory organs are centralized to the head... and eventually, we'll just have a long point on our faces for all senses:

This is of course... the teacher who will remain nameless.

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  1. i would have learned more-er stuff if you'd taken notes for me... miss you.