Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ice and Snow

Its that magical time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, everyone is running around with their head cut-off, unhindered by school or work or buyers remorse. Everything is red and green and christmas carols assault you in every retail location from Department to Grocery stores.

(i am the ice queen)

In Florida, (much like how it must be in Chilie), this time of year is always permeated by scenery of ... well... cold. And while it isn't quite a southern hemisphere summer in Florida... the temperature only dips to about 40... 35 minimum. Floridians have never really seen winter as it appears on Christmas cards.

And as scared as I was of venturing north at this time... knowing full well what we would find, we did it anyway. Our last tour of the year would take us to the mid-west... we packed more socks than anything else. I stayed in my Narnia issued full length coat nearly the whole time. And it was good. The cold didn't even bother us at its lowest... 18 in Omaha.

(yup... thats my man)

(secret attic hideaway in Omaha)

The novelty of snow hadn't even worn off by the time we reached our most northern point in Ames Iowa.

But a major blizzard was rolling across the US from the west... we drove away from it as it lick at our heels and iced the highway before us. Remind me to really wash my car when we get home... it's covered in salt.

The only time the cold became unbearable was (predictably) in Chicago. Where the temperature actually came above freezing. Large cotton balls of fluffy wet snow fell upon Chicago as we drove to our gig somewhere in the windy city. Fell and melted immediately upon contact with our faces, our guitars, our feet and the road. All was slush.

But a good show none the less.

We have since, completed the mid-west circuit:

Little Rock
Lawrence (total bust in the name of Karaoke)
Indianapolis (see Chad on the marriage of the divine to the profane)
West Frankfort (with the exception of ourselves, one 20 year old boy... no one over the age of 17)

It was here in Louisville that alcohol got the better of us. Even if we hadn't gotten the dates mixed up for our last gig in Knoxville, we were too hung over to move much less rock.

For now we are finishing up the rounds, last night in Johnson City, tonight in Blacksburg, on to Greensboro and finally a small town near Roanoke.

And then...

Chad and I will part ways for a whole 30 days as we try to accomplish something
find someone
figure out what will come next in 2010

lots of blogging on the way dear friends. keep me company for a while.

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  1. You gotta travel! You gotta suffer!.
    Yeah you gotta suffer!! ...Nooot!
    Think of it as your investment in what Malcom Gladwell calls the 10,000 hours to achieve stardom or becoming an Outlier!.