Monday, April 13, 2009

Who's words are these!??!!


Anyways, I'm really behind on the blogging, but bear with me... here are pictures of Chattanooga and the things we encountered... (way before winston-salem... but heck)
We met these really nice girls right off the bat and they were flirty with Patrick so we decided to follow them into the night...

Guess which one was flirty:

We stayed with George and Sarah and Neyland and Carter!

They made us spaghetti and played video games for us to watch and gave us a bed and listen to us rant about stuff and were generally very pleasant and wonderful. We own them so much thanks for helping us get the show and draggin all their friends out, thank you George and Sarah!

And Neyland
and Carter!  
he likes to smell eyelids!

"pleeeease... let me have just a sniffy sniff"

i have a new hobby:
to document public bathrooms. 
I have always had this obsession, it is just now with my camera back and my new computer that has made it all possible.

The Pickle Barrel... nice colors

you can always tell if the bathrooms I'm documenting are in bars... (my favorite kind)
because the pictures are blurry... wait till you see the Root Bar in Asheville... woo!

Not only did George and Sarah do all that stuff above, they took us to a brunch being held at a friends house. 

This french toast is a pipe bomb.

Cigarettes were included on the buffet

Full bar... one of the vodka bottles is actually cucumber gin... way not awesome for screw drivers.

Patrick wasn't going to drink this morning... but then he saw the 'vodka' and had to try it... the good news is he loves biscuits more than alcohol, so they evened each other out


Anna Banana!

What the fuck?

(gas station somewhere in Tennessee right before it started to snow)

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