Tuesday, April 14, 2009


"At least we knocked over the Sunsphere..."

We arrive in Knoxville after Johnson City, not only that but we drove in the snow to get here, yea... snow. I didn't even bring a pair of socks let alone a coat for snow.
This is my mother's house.

The puppies, one is evil and one is good... but which one...
(Polly Ann and Emmy Lou)... I identify with Emmy most

Holy shit its snowing! Mom! Take my picture!

that's her, always making us up a storm of organic food.

Her she is playing a large metal bass at the base of the sunsphere... this was a reoccuring theme in knoxville.   (my momma actually does play upright bass)


During the day, Patrick and I went walking around downtown, just across the river from my mom's house. Knoxville is kind of a strange town... all the towns are strange i guess. Knoxville promotes and supports the arts and the eccentric. Lots of music venues, (larger ones mostly, Bob Dylan always plays here), but for some reason, I still can't get a gig here, which is ridiculous since I always come here too to see my mum. Anyways, there is amazing street art, which is most important to document:

(bass # 3)
yea, you better believe its art:

why haven't i thought of this yet?

are you seeing this detail? someone stood on the street and went through like 7 sharpies.

this is an icon in Knoxville, its on some kind of electric box near old town, i always photograph it. make sure when you come to knoxville you pay homage.

We always go to this pub called Barley's, mostly because they have 10,000 beers on tap, but more importantly because they have 3 pinball machines, including Mars Attacks... here's my friend Kent.

Patti's a pimp in a pink chair

Cheers, farewell Knoxville


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