Saturday, April 11, 2009

Last Call in Winston-Salem

 a lot has transpired since Alabama, we are now in the deep of North Carolina. It is April 11th, we have been through Tennessee, (visited my mommy in knoxville), and then onto Asheville, Wilmington, Winston-Salem and tomorrow Greensboro... yes, thats right, we're opening for the Grateful Dead... now just called the Dead. 

I am hiding in a corner of the bar. Patrick is hiding in the car. We are getting along alright, and by that i mean we have learned how to fight with each other. Sooner and sooner the moment comes when we realize how futile and stupid our arguments are. 

We made $1 tonight... 

I'm ready for bed, no... my bed. We keep making the mistake of staying with the bartender... waiting through last calls, closing time, the drunkest of the drunks, long after our 4 free beers are pissed out we are here in the dark corners stealing wifi from the air. 

I am slightly cold.
Slightly smelling of cigarettes and the coffee i spilled on my sweater. 
i am tired, but not in my legs or back,
mostly in my eyes and heart. 

i miss you.

but i shall go on because we must of course... and I will leave you with some humor.

"i'm, cold.... 


  i'm a beeee!   

i'm a beeeeeeeeeeee!!!

...  sucks."

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