Sunday, April 5, 2009

In Huntsville Alabama, which at first glance, might seem like a college town in the very Northern part of Alabama, not somewhere you'd really think to include on tour...
                 unless you knew about this place.

I'm a little shaky on the details, but here is this old mill, purchased by a wealthy individual that funded and oversaw the renovation to make this huge warehouse into an art center. And its beautiful and magical and obvious when you walk in the door that you are somewhere different.

Down a hallway of windows

Studios filled with light

Corridors filled with arts behind tables heavy with colors

Here's Patti sitting at mine,

This is the Artist Market every Saturday from 12-4. I sold a couple of things, mostly traded for other pretty things. Drank coffee, ate eclairs. Really, just happy to be there, like a sponge in soapy tub.

My friend Paleo played the night before, and stuck around to say hello. He's kinda magic too, that's why he looks like he belongs.

the Flying Monkey supports all different types of art, besides art studios... there's a Record Store, a book store, a small cafe, a bakery for Fred Bread (amazing), a huge wonderful wooden venue at the end of the hall with velvet curtains, (my favorite of all), a thrift shop, a sewing studio, a bike conversion shop, african studio, a film theater...  everything.

But the coolest, weirdest, neatest place is the puppet museum. Here are some things I found sneaking around.

chads newest favorite sweater he doesn't know about

In conclusion, this is the coolest place in the world. Go to their website now to drool more. Support them, become a member, at the very least, make a trip there and see it yourself. There is also a Nasa Space and Rocket Center there, so make a day of Huntsville, 
"The town you otherwise would have never even thought about."

this is:


  1. yes, how i do love the flying monkey and their grand splendor. they will make you fall in love with them. careful.
    mobile, al.

  2. Hello! I saw you perform one night at Et Cafe with my friend, Filipe. I really liked your music and style. I'm sure a lot of people tell you this but you sound a bit like Regina Spektor.

    Anyways, I'm interested in one of your handmade laptop bags. I'd love to purchase one from you! :)