Thursday, April 9, 2009


where were we...   oh yes...


there is more to Huntsville than the Flying Monkey, that's just my favorite. After we came out of the Monkey, all dazed and swirly with art and culture, we drove to the other landmark, the Space and Rocket center. Our friend Vincent, (that we met at the Monkey last trip), had ordered a custom wallet, wish i had a picture of it because it was awesome!  So we made the delivery inside the space center, and then we were set free to explore the exhibits.


take heart little space man
all of american is behind you... literally

hee hee hee

Who knew that today was the annual Moon Buggy Race!!  
All these groups from all over, engineers and physics grads build their own buggys 
and bring them to Huntsville to race them, they were pretty serious about it.
And actually, it was a pretty serious obstacle course.

a metal thing!

we answered some age old questions:

Fuck yes freeze dried ice cream. 
Fuck, yes.

Chad's going to be so happy when he sees the new costumes for
 Paper Scissors Rocketpack I got him!

(chads going to have quite a wardrobe when i get home)

After the space museum and freeze dried ice cream we headed out to the car to make some  sandwiches and hang out in the sunshine, it really was a pretty day. I had just married the peanut butter to my jelly when we see a sequrity guard coming towards us... actually we heard him first... he said,

"HEY!  You guys aren't from around here are ya?"

"... uh... no."


Then he said, "oh, where are you from, the boots and the blue hair totally gave you away." Then he introduced himself, he name is Daniel. He just moved to Huntsville from California to take care of his grandmother... and he's bored to death. Not just living in Huntsville, but standing for 14 hours in the parking lot without a break. He was a pretty cool guy... we actually just had him pose for these pictures for the blog. 

We gave him a sandwich and then took out the instruments and played some songs for him. He even bought a cd. We told him to go to the Monkey to find some cool people. And that we'd call him next time we come to Huntsville... yeay! friends!

Pack it up.

move it out

back on the road.

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  1. moon buggies? space suits... coffee is sure not worth missing the moon for???