Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bobe Street Tour: Pensacola to Spring Hill

the Bobe Street first/last/reunion Tour,

my project for April that has consumed the past few months with preparation yes, but mostly anxiety. Now it is here and after somewhat intense freak out the day before I am refreshed, ready for anything, and kinda itchy at the moment... this is day 3... and I think its just this cat I'm chillin with:

A brief review of Mobile: We played mobile.

The next day we transversed the entire state of Alabama on our way to Spring Hill Tennessee. I love watching landscapes change, but we'll get to that later on day 3 when it really starts to get drastic.

Tennessee is full of lucky charms:

Here's my friend in Montgomery, his name is Robert Jason Fifield. He likes mexican food as much as us.  

Anyways, the only thing in Spring Hill is this little coffee shop call Utopia. It was kind of a strange show since there was a rehersal dinner for a wedding there but the place was very nice and the people that own it are even nicer... they fed us too. I will be returning in July when they have a farmers market so I can peddle my wears. But... the best thing about Spring Hill is its proximity to Murfreesboro.

Murfreesboro, pronounced, (Murr-frees-bro) by me and (Murphy's burrow) by people that actually live there was made famous by my favorite Strong bad email:

     Besides this there is a college of some sort... I'm not really aware of... and this house of boys called House Pride. Its a club house, its freakin awesome. There's a tree house and a bunch of TVs networked together to all their computer/downloads... including EVERY single minute of every episode/movie/miniseries of Star Trek. Murfreesboro is awesome. 

Justin and Bruce:

Check out these kids band too:

     yea.. those are my friends in Murfreesboro. They took us to a pub with some pretty awesome lighting. We watched fishing network and drank 1$ PBRs. I fucking love Murfreesboro. Then we shot arrows in the backyard and played some music too.  

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