Friday, May 20, 2011

Ketchup to Macon

all the kids in macon (view from the stage)

"I've always wanted to see Macon Georgia." - Nelson Muntz, the simpsons.

okay! I'm playing catch-up! My life feel apart! before I even got to Florida! but I'm back okay, i'm back and I'm ready to show you all the things I've seen and places I've been to bring you and I up to date on the current amazing things happening on tour. Here's Macon Georgia for example.

Now, there's not much in Macon. There is a walmart and I slept there, only a little scared.
There is a book store there where some amazing people have been making some art happen.

Its called Golden Bough Books.

they have an amazing array of things to read, both classic and modern. From Shakespeare to Zines and manga.

And in this place Clark Bush (pictured blurrily above) has been booking and bringing bands to Macon for 3 years. I talked to some ladies, all artists of one sort or another, a writer, an actress, a singer. They said that having a place like this, all ages, comfortable, friendly, welcoming that promotes and showcases art... it inspires people... to make more art! Whatever their craft might be.

Here's electric Gazebo!! (Under the Gazebo)

So I just want to give a big thank you to Clark and Macon Noise Records. Thanks for bringing art to your community! you are enhancing the world... seriously, with little to no cheesiness in this kudos. you are making the world a better place. yeay!

(this is the picture i will show people and say, "look how skinny i was then!!") ps... props to fanny packs

Here's a short clip of Under the Gazebo/Electric Gazebo

Can't wait to come back to Macon

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