Friday, May 6, 2011

Solo Tour Begins: Huntsville to Murfreesboro

Hello there, my name is Renee, this is my van Grumbledor

these are my two lovely dogs, but they're not coming...

and this... is the open road.

Grumby says, "honk!"

The first night I spent in Grumbledor was in Huntsville Alabama at my friend Rita's house. We had a small house show, it was nice, still getting my jitters out for shows.
It was very cold that night you wouldn't believe how cold it gets at night while you are all warm and toasty in your inside bed. Thankfully I had Chad's sleeping bag with me, the trusty down sleeping bag that has served us through many a cold night on tour. When I climbed inside it, I felt immediately comforted.

you can imagine my excitement when I came into Rita's house in the morning to find the toilet paper is consciously located directly over a heating vent: "Heated Toilet Paper!? This is the life." (Patent Pending)

this is the kind of person Rita is, she has made you coffee, it is waiting for you.

there is also bagels and lox

Rita rides her bike to work at KaffeeKlatsch, roasters of fine coffee since 1977.
Click here to learn more/buy the most amazing coffee you've probably ever had:
I'm drinking Brazil as I write this

The room is as warm as it looks.

While I was there a couple people wandered in looking for Frappuccinos, and while Kaffeeklasch used to be a full service coffee shop 10 years ago, they have now focused their attention more toward roasting. They are primarily a retail store, but you can still get a hot cup of whatever they've brewed fresh for just $1.50!?
And it is fresh, they brew it ever couple of minutes, something different so they can all enjoy Honduran, El Salvador, Brazil... one after another, and don't forget the tea either.

I wondered if they're were places like this, real coffee places now that the SBUX is a prominent fixture in our world. But the Bux is just an tippy toe into the world of gourmet coffee, if anything, starbucks has given the public a taste of what coffee can be. Its only a matter of time until that over-roasted, over-sweetened stuff just isn't what you want. (I worked there, I know). Where is the good coffee?
It can be so good. soo good.

It can be sustainable, fair-trade, and organic. The business of coffee can be beautiful transaction, mutually beneficial and just generally making the world a better place... or a corporate hunk of crap that takes advantage of coffee growers, and then turns around a sells it for up to and including $6 a drink!? (If a company advertises purchasing 10% fair trade as an ethical warm fuzzy... that still 90% of their business that ISN'T FAIR.
just saying is all
But then again, I have frequented the Bux many a time, and I'm sure I'll be back again for my double tall vanilla soy latte...
But if I had Kaffeeklatsch in my town... I wouldn't even bother with the Bux.

good god its good.
Alright! off my soap box and onto my bike, all around Huntsville

making friends
you just want to use me for my bread, at least this is an honest relationship:

back to the neighborhood where Rita lives

The rest of my time in Huntsville I spent alone, gloriously alone.
I sunbathed in Rita's backyard.
I started a book and stretched in the sun
I took a shower.
I met a friend for lunch at cracker barrel
And then had a nap in Grumbledor before heading to Murfreesboro via route 231
Scenic as opposed to I-65:

A sign pointed me down this road,

to Brown's Farm where you can pick your own strawberries!

With my sweet, sun-warmed harvest I continued on, trying to take pictures along the way of old barns, my mom and I love old barns.

see you in Murfreesboro.

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