Friday, May 6, 2011

Solo Tour Continues!: Friends & Visitors

i've got light in my eyes... and greys in my hair

a quick look at the House Pride show in Murfreesboro, the set went well, this was their reaction. taken right after the set. Everything gelled during this set, I'm ready for the higher pressure shows.

In the morning I had a visitor at my door

Her name is Poptart

and she takes care of the little one.

After some breakfast I headed out to a shady parking lot

by the YMCA!!! yeay! I feel healthy, this will keep me going! yeay!

And on a side note from my last coffee post... free coffee is good coffee. I love all forms of bean water, I appreciate them all, and if you enjoy this Royal Cup provided by your local community center, think how wonderful Kaffeeklatsch tastes to your appreciating palette.

A caffeinated monkey is a happy monkey

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