Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back track - ketchup - South Florida

Greetings and hello all and anyone who might still be following, I have concluded the tour, I am now in Missoula Montana visiting my dearest Chad Bishop before the next exciting chapter.

I'll be here for a couple weeks, so that should be enough time to bring you (and me) up to speed on everything I've seen and everywhere I've been! If you are still waiting for your care packages and letters from the kickstarter fundraiser, not to worry! They are on the top of my list of things to catch up on before I move forward with my life. This is a very tender stage, when was the last time you cleaned out your inbox? your outbox? your memory? the back of your van? or the back of your head?

Last time we left off I was in Macon Georgia, from there me and the Memphibians drove south to their home in Jacksonville. We slept a bunch, did some laundry and then parted ways for a weekend. I went further south to Tampa to play Thursday songwriters night at Tre Amici.

Here are some candid glimpses of my friends there. Rocco is the handsome one with the grey beard.. I hope he doesn't mind these sneak attack shots I took and put on the internet.

And the lady with the strawberries in her champagne is Kirsten Campbell. A lovely ukulele musician who headlined the show. We made plans to share a tour in January, but that may not be happening due to new changes and circumstances, mainly... because I'm a mere 2,622 miles from Tampa at the current moment, yep only 43 hours of straight driving. So give her a little listen if you have a moment. Musicians that make a connection are few and far between, she happens to be one of them.

mmmm, cuban food in gulfport.

So I spend a couple days in Gulfport/Tampa with my friends, but onward I must go, still on very important friend to see, one of my very favorites... MICHAEL WILLIAMSON!!

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