Wednesday, October 7, 2009

lost lost lost Day 23:

alright... lets do a quick rundown since i have completely fallen off the blog ball... the blall as it were.

But there is a good reason.

After New York we went North.. up the east coast. Connecticut. In Hartford we met these people

they were really awesome and we drank fine liquors together.

In Hartford we had a marathon day, 3 shows in a row! The first 2 were downtown in front of the court house. All these little kids were dancing and screaming to our music. It was one of the magical moments of tour

After Hartford we drove to Boston where my friend Eric Howard lives. We played here at the Hallway, a small but amazing art space

Where this guy read this book, (his book). All the illustrations were up on the walls. A place we will defiantly come back to. We love it there.

We played too... but we always do that.

My friend Eric Howard lives in Boston, another amazing part of tour is seeing people you haven't in awhile. These types of people often cook food for us. Which we are eternally grateful for.
Can you believe this is what Boston looks like? I had no idea.

From Boston we drove through a small part of New Hampshire. This is where the land started to get crazy... crazy crazy pretty. Beautiful. We were on our way to Maine, glad we took the scenic route... even though it cost us quite a few hours. It was worth it to see our long time friend the ocean (top picture).

Currently we are in Indianapolis. We had a rather rough show (mostly due to alcohol... by our consumption and others) But the people were top notch. This house is called Mapleton Manner, and run by an amazing girl that also plays accordion. We'll get to that later I suppose. I'm a little OCD when it comes to putting up pictures in order... i want to tell the story how it happened, not all confusing like some Pulp Fiction shit.

Anywho... New Hampshire turned to Maine, the camera died for a couple of days. So we were unable to capture the most magical venue of all. Alas. But, stay tuned for the next post.

An Ode to Maine

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