Sunday, October 11, 2009

I missed you so much Sewing Machine!

We couldn't go to sleep last night when we got home, just too excited and over tired.

When we finally did manage to sleep we did so until about 1am... aaah... back on schedule.

Chad's brother Mike and his girlfriend Cady arrived late last night as well. They will be staying with us for the next week while Mike and Chad record the next album.

Have I told you about this? Well... the next Spider+Octopus release will be a double disc... (you know how I love those double discs). But it needs to be so, since Spider+Octopus isn't exactly a conventional duet... just like the name implies... its both chad and I... and seeing as we're both songwriters it seems only fit that we release the next album(s) together but with some sense of autonomy as well. We walk that fine line all the time.

I have already started frantically sewing. I made a bag last night... I'll show it to you.

On this last tour I sold out of almost everything, there are a couple things left, 2 wallets that are sorta... so so you know. Maybe I'll take a lesson from MissMelodyMaker and give them away. I like that idea.

Since I did so well with the other wallets and such I am in a full tilt production to make octopus things... I started today cutting the patterns out for 10 wallets, (5 with snaps, 5 with velcro). Its a huge endeavor, but if i can make 10 in a day thats $100. (I can't make 10 in a day, but I'm sewing as much as I can) while still relaxing and going for hikes... which reminds me... we should do that now.

But first, for documentation sake:


After our lovely photoshoot in New Hampshire we played at the Radio Bean in Burlington


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