Saturday, October 10, 2009

End of Tour

This is our last day, we're in Murfreesboro visiting our friends at House Pride. Which is an amazing place. A house full of really awesome warm musicians. They used to have house shows here with bands from just all over. But due to the nature of house shows... which is much like the universe in the sense that chaos eventually takes over... they are no longer hosting shows. Its still in our top 3 places to visit on tour. We always love a day to just hang out, watch tv, play video games, talk about star trek or any number of wonderful geekery, shoot arrows in the backyard, drink beer in the tree house, make marinara for many hungry mouths and today we are recording songs.

Their new project is much like our record label... except they are organized and have a recording arts degree. We're so excited to be a part of it. More on that when the times comes.

For now I have promised you (the editorial you... whoever you may be) a photo shoot. Lets rewind. I realize now that this will be the format of the tour blog... really hard core blogging in the beginning of the tour... but when exhaustion and excitement take over in the middle region (always together it seems) we'll have to finish the back story when we get home... so... lets get started. I love reminiscing:

When we last left off Chad and I had just played in Maine, we were sad to leave. But the drive was just the prettiest... ever. We planned this trip to coincide with the fall, and we had arrived.

Since all the interstates in the north pretty run north and south, we were forced to take the smaller more amazing roads from Maine through New Hampshire and into Virginia. (The prettiest 3 sister states of the whole united... besides their lovely western cousin colorado in the summer).

It all started when I had to pee so bad I was screaming at Chad. We finally found a gas station in a small town in New Hampshire. Across from which was a lovely little park.

Then I spotted a moose! We had been seeing warning signs of moose all along the road. What a perfect opportunity for our collection of animal pictures.

So, enjoy our little exploration/impromptu band photoshoot:

I love the bear.
After we said goodbye to him, we got back in the car to continue our trip, but it wasn't long until the fog rolling over the mountains forced us to turn the car around and take some more pictures.

I was so overwhelmed with love and excitement in the brisk new england air I fell in love.

Come here Chad!

(seconds before our collision)

As if that wasn't enough fall for you, the next day we would be driving through the Adirondack, a strategic move whilst planning our route. oh my you are in for a treat.

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