Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pink Floors are for Winners!: Day 4

Flooring day! oh Flooring day, how I have waiting for you to come.

Despite the cold and the wind, we journeyed a very beaten path to Home Depot for supplies.
Here I am being a girl in home depot with a plan... callin the shots!
You there! Cut this foamular to my specifications!

Thanks Tyler.

I look so awesome in my sweat pants. I'm surprised chad lets me go out in public with them.

Back at the factory (the dream factory)... back in the back yard where grumbledor sits I began puzzle piecing the floor together. Remember the Tangigram game where you fit the triangles into the large rectangle? same thing. just bigger.

CONSTRUCTION NOTE: pink foamular is great stuff! use an exact-o knife to cut it, nothing else will do. But the exact-o knife will cut cut smoothly and accurately , you'll think you're working with pink butter!

Once I cut the basic shapes I trimmed, a little awkwardly at first, to fit the ribs of the van and along the wheel well.

CONSTRUCTION NOTE: Use newspaper to make your patterns! Its easier than you think to make custom cuts to fit curves and holes.

Awkward shapes can be further sanded or trimmed with the knife to fit perfectly. I managed to fit all the pieces flushed to each other except this one on the side, I figure I'll just fill the holes with some goopy goo later. I'm pretty proud overall.

Think of all the skills I learned today! I'll need them for next time when I do the same shape game with plywood. Break out the jigsaw!


  1. So are you planning on putting carpet down or just leaving it the way it is.

  2. plywood and then possibly linoleum... cuz its easy to clean... but damn I'd love some shag carpet up in there