Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Musician Obsessed with Maps

I have just launch my kickstarter campaign entitled... "Musicians Obsessed with Maps"!

see, I'm going on this epic journey, but without art to sell, I cannot hope to fuel my way across America... discovering solitude, loneliness, poetry, and personal growth... .and I do so want to find America.

Please check out the site above!.. click iiiiitt.

The campaign will run for 35 days, ending on my birthday, March 16th.

I dont think I have to tell you what I want for my birthday.... $2500!!!

But this isn't your typical NPR asking for donations fundraiser, oh no! That's not how kickstarter works...

you pledge an amount and in return you receive a reward... in this case, you'd be preordering the art to be printed. its exciting.

k... i have to have a drink to celebrate cuz I'm all butterfly in my tummy.

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