Saturday, January 1, 2011

Operation Deep Dirt - Day one

Meet Grumbledor...

The White Wizard Van of Infinite Mileage and Compassion:
here he is being coy behind a tree in my backyard... his new home.

I bought him from the local food co-op. He was their produce van. I wont bore you with the details of his purchase, but i feel pretty awesome about it.

He hauled organic produce around for the last decade. And the money went a co-op that I am a member of, i feel really good about that. But i feel best about finally having a van to start work on... so without further adooooooooooooooooo ... adeu?

As you can see, he is a blank slate for my new traveling home.

here is where i shall sit for 10000 miles at a time:

And here... is the first step:

artistic shot
side door
oh boy... there's a lot of work in here...

Day one!! Operation deep dirt!

First of all, he does have some rusties... and dirties... lots of dirties. So the first step is to clean him inside and out. Bleach his wall that have spots (beginnings of mold?), get all the dirt out of the corners and... then i found this.

Gross yucky moldy scummy soaking wet insulating under the floor mats!
It had to go
mom lending a hand...

more rust... nothing a little.. a lot of purple duct tape and rustoleum and more insulation can't handle.
getting to work
i am working and working and working so hard
chad takes over documentation
rags and bleach and tooth brushes and brooms and gloves.. i had so much fun on an unusually warm day after christmas.

thanks chad.

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